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Why packing cubes work!

Discover how these simple organizers can revolutionize your packing game by maximizing space, minimizing bulk, and keeping your belongings perfectly sorted.

Packing cubes are handy organizational tools that can help you pack lighter and more efficiently. They are small, rectangular, fabric containers with zippered closures that come in various sizes. When used properly, packing cubes offer several benefits that contribute to a lighter and more organized travel experience. We started using packing cubes on our first 25 day vacation!

packing cubes in suitcase

Here is how I use them


Packing cubes compress your clothes and other items, removing excess air and creating a more compact bundle. This compression can help you fit more items into your luggage without the need for additional space. By reducing the volume of your clothing, you can carry a smaller, lighter suitcase or backpack. Not all cubes are “compression”. I only have two of these. Regular cubes work very well!


Packing cubes provide a structured way to separate and categorize your belongings. You can use different cubes for various types of items, such as clothing, electronics, toiletries, and accessories. This organization ensures that you can quickly find what you need without having to rummage through your entire bag, saving time. We have two colors for His & Hers. Easy to know what to grab.

Here are some ideas that I have used: 

Pack by the item:

  1. Tops 
  2. Bottoms 
  3. Accessories 
  4. Undergarments 


Pack by outfits (Same for destinations):

  1. Day one 
  2. Day two


You can sort by activity: 

  1. Beach 
  2. Hiking (I have one for snacks too) 


Think of the times you arrive in a city before a cruise and you only have one night. Pack one cube for that!

Packing Cubes Eliminate Bulk 

When clothes are loosely packed, they can become bulky and take up more space than necessary. Packing cubes allow you to fold and roll your clothes tightly, minimizing bulkiness and creating more room for other essentials. Your clothes won’t be any more wrinkled!

Easy Repacking 

As you travel and move between accommodations, packing and unpacking can become a repetitive task. Packing cubes streamline the process, making it easy to pack and unpack your belongings. When you can quickly pack up in the morning and leave without much hassle, you’re less likely to carry unnecessary items, this helps you pack lighter. My husband unpacks and puts everything in the drawers. I leave all of my clothes in the cubes, unless I want to hang a dress up.

Packing Cubes Prevent Overpacking 

With the limited space of packing cubes, you’re forced to be more selective about what you pack. By setting a specific packing cube for each type of clothing or item, you’re more likely to stick to a set number of items, avoiding overpacking and ensuring you only take what you truly need.You really only need a couple of pairs of pants! Especially if they are jeans.

Weight Distribution

When your belongings are packed in separate cubes, the weight is more evenly distributed throughout your bag. This can make carrying your luggage more comfortable and manageable, especially if you’re using a backpack or a wheeled suitcase.

Dirty Clothes Separation

I have some that are double sided. After wearing some of the items, I switch places and house the dirties on one side.

By using packing cubes, you can gain better control over your packing process, optimize your luggage space, and avoid overloading with unnecessary items. As a result, you can pack lighter and focus on enjoying their journey with less physical strain and stress. You will never dread the stairs in a train station or a broken escalator again! Don’t forget a foldable bag to carry some souvenirs home!

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