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5 Reasons to Take a River Cruise

River cruising is a unique way to see the world from a different perspective.

There are ocean cruises, and there are river cruises.  

Although they are similar, the overall experience is different.  Are you considering which type of cruise to take?  If so, here are 5 reasons a river cruise may be a good fit for you.  

1.  It’s a unique way to see the world.

River cruising is a unique way to see the world, as it allows you to explore a destination from a different perspective. You’ll travel through scenic waterways, passing by picturesque towns and cities, while enjoying the comfort and luxury of a river cruise ship.

river cruise, ship view

2.  It’s a more intimate experience.

River cruises typically have smaller ships, which means you’ll have a more intimate experience with fellow passengers and the crew. You’ll also be able to get closer to the sights and attractions along the river, as the ships can navigate through narrow waterways that larger ships cannot. One of my favorite things was being on the deck while going through the locks!

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3.  There are different types of river cruises.

River cruises can be focused on a particular region or theme, such as wine or history. Consider sailing in November or December for the Christmas Markets! You will find amazing handmade, local items. Some river cruises are also combined with land-based tours, allowing you to explore multiple destinations in one trip. You may also opt for a pre or post-cruise package.

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4.  The onboard experience can vary.

The onboard experience on a river cruise can vary depending on the cruise line and ship. Some ships may have more amenities, such as spas and fitness centers, while others may have a more relaxed and casual atmosphere. This is where you want a certified travel advisor to work their magic. There are so many choices and we take pride in finding the perfect fit.

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5.  Excursions are often included.

River cruises often include shore excursions as part of the package, allowing you to explore the destinations along the river with expert guides. These excursions can range from walking tours of historic cities to wine tastings at local vineyards. However, it’s important to check what excursions are included in the price and which are optional extras. With the many different options available and levels of service, we would love to help you find the perfect fit.

If you’re ready to experience the beautiful intimacy of a river cruise, let’s chat and explore all of the options available to you!

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