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Eric knows how to make any place feel like home, and has the travel experience to make even the most complex trips go off without a hitch. He always has his next trip planned before he’s even home from the last one, and he can’t wait to plan your unforgettable adventure, too!


Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We first went there 35 years ago on our honeymoon and love the food scene, water activities, walking the Malecon. This town was here long before tourists discovered it so it has authentic Mexican culture and the people are so welcoming.

The most impactful place I've been

The beaches of Normandy France at the site of the D-Day invasion to turn the tide in WWII. To take the tour and see where it all happened is an impactful and emotional day that I will never forget. If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend this experience.

I've checked off my bucket list

Summer Skiing on a glacier in the Swiss Alps at the base of the Matterhorn. Make sure you ski across the crevasses perpendicular and don’t go past the rope where there is a 1,000 foot drop-off!

My secret travel tip

Take a carryon bag along with fold up duffle bag. On the return flight you can check the suitcase and carry on the duffle bag with all your wonderful purchases. 

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