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We aim to craft unique, magical, and unforgettable experiences. Leave the planning to us, and we’ll leave making memories to you!


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Our team of specialists offer an unparalleled level of service. We are committed to providing you with a trip that exceeds every expectation.

As a traveler your needs are unique, and your trips should be too! We specialize in customized vacation planning that won’t break the bank.

From multigenerational trips like family reunions to group trips like bachelorette parties, any occasion can be made into the trip of a lifetime with Charming Voyages! As travelers ourselves, we use our own personal experience, industry connections and insider knowledge to craft customized vacations with your budget and needs in mind. From excursions to accommodations, our specialists have vast knowledge on the ins and outs of destinations worldwide. After answering a series of questions and a 1-hour complimentary consultation, we will match you with the perfect travel specialist for you and offer you our top 3 recommendations that check all of your boxes.

Hi, I'm Karyn!


After working in retail and restaurant management for my entire career, I decided to take my expertise in customer service to the travel agency industry. A travel enthusiast myself, I knew I wanted to dedicate my career to helping people do what I love most: creating memories in destinations near and far. I founded Charming Voyages in 2017, and have since built a small but mighty group of experts with the same unparalleled passion for travel and dedication to the highest quality level of service.

Each of our agents are travel experts

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Get to know Kelly!

Kelly finds adventure everywhere she goes, and loves to immerse herself in local culture. From meeting new people during her travels to trying unfamiliar foods in local farmers markets, Kelly is an expert at finding the hidden gems in even the most tourist-y places – and she’s been to more of them than you can imagine!


Eat where the locals do!  In New York, go into the neighborhoods. In Europe, eat where your tour guide eats. We had the most delicious Gyro and local beer in Athens, Sicilian olives in Sicily with a meaty, buttery flesh and fondue in Switzerland!

The Coolest Place I've Been

Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China! The jade market, Terracotta Warriors, pandas, and classic afternoon tea at the Peninsula Lobby in Hong Kong. The city is super clean, always bustling, and filled with sights to see!

My biggest adventure

23 days, 6 countries – Greece to London. Planes, trains and automobiles…. and a boat! Once you are in Europe, take full advantage of the flight over there and see all you can! 

My favorite travel quote

“When preparing to travel, lay out all of your clothes and all of your money. Then take half the clothes away and twice the money.” – Susan Heller

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Go 'round the world with Rachael

As a 16-year Flight Attendant, Rachael knows the value of traveling and creating unforgettable memories with family and friends. She is a lover of her dogs and anything vintage. Rachael’s go-to travel voyage would be an all-inclusive resort or a cruise. Romance wins her heart and she would be honored to plan your destination wedding, honeymoon, anniversary trip, or family vacation.

My top 3 travel quotes

“A wedding without a honeymoon is like a birthday without the cake.” – Virginia Andrews,

“I’d fly in the middle seat to get to you.”

“Marry me, fly for free.”

My Biggest adventure

I spent a week in the rain forest @ The Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai Thailand taking care of these gentle giants. What an amazing place! The care and passion that goes into these animals was contagious. It was a trip of a lifetime and I am so happy I got to experience it. To volunteer while traveling and exploring was rewarding. 

My go-to getaway

I love a relaxing getaway at an all inclusive resort or aboard a cruise ship with several destinations to explore. 

My favorite Disney ride

Call me crazy, but I have always loved “It’s A Small World!” 

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Say aloha to Mindy!

Mindy’s go-to destination is Hawaii, but she’s traveled all around the globe from Europe to South America and everywhere in between. She’ll take an adventure over a relaxing vacation any day, and she can’t wait to help you plan your action-packed getaway with something for everyone.

My Biggest Adventure

My mission to Brazil. I didn’t know the language or the culture. This year and a half turned into one of the greatest learning experiences of my life. I love the people, the culture, the food, the language, and the atmosphere of Brazil with todo o meu coração!!

The Coolest Place I've Been

Aiguille du Midi on the border of the French/Swiss Alps. It is the highest mountain peak served by a cable car (aerial lift system) from Chamonix, France, and is the closest point to the Mont Blanc summit (highest peak in Europe) without hiking. The view is breathtaking.

My GO-To Disney Ride

The one and only Thunder Mountain Railroad! I’ve loved it since I was a child and still ride it five or six times if I can.

My Go-To Getaway

I love Hawaii! From Arizona, it’s only a 5-hour flight. It takes a little planning and it’s worth every minute and penny!

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Say Hi to Holly!

She daydreams about her next trip till it happens, absolutely loves travelling and exploring new places. She worked and lived in Alaska for a few years, and truly believes this is a bucket list destination! She is always ready for an adventure trip and now shares this with her children!

Coolest place I've been

South Africa, from having a hippo right outside my room to hearing hyenas enjoying their dinner for the night and watching penguins bask on the beach this country is any wildlife enthusiast dream!

My top Travel tip

To maximize space in your luggage, roll your clothing! Save room for all the treasures you buy on your trip!

My Favorite Travel quote

“I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my list.”

I've checked off my bucket list

flying up to a glacier and landing… Getting the ultimate view of Denali!

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Tell Eric, Hola!

Eric knows how to make any place feel like home, and has the travel experience to make even the most complex trips go off without a hitch. He always has his next trip planned before he’s even home from the last one, and he can’t wait to plan your unforgettable adventure, too!


Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We first went there 35 years ago on our honeymoon and love the food scene, water activities, walking the Malecon. This town was here long before tourists discovered it so it has authentic Mexican culture and the people are so welcoming.

The most impactful place I've been

The beaches of Normandy France at the site of the D-Day invasion to turn the tide in WWII. To take the tour and see where it all happened is an impactful and emotional day that I will never forget. If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend this experience.

I've checked off my bucket list

Summer Skiing on a glacier in the Swiss Alps at the base of the Matterhorn. Make sure you ski across the crevasses perpendicular and don’t go past the rope where there is a 1,000 foot drop-off!

My secret travel tip

Take a carryon bag along with fold up duffle bag. On the return flight you can check the suitcase and carry on the duffle bag with all your wonderful purchases. 

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Discover Disney magic with Megan!

Megan’s love of Disney runs deep. She is a 3rd generation Disney enthusiast and loves being able to pass down her Disney passion to her two children. With decades of Disney experience, including Walt Disney World, Disneyland Resort, Disney Cruise Line and more, she has a lot of information and insider tips to offer other Disney travelers. She can’t wait to create a magical experience for you!

Coolest place I've been

Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay, is the most beautiful, peaceful place I’ve ever been. It combines the relaxation of the Bahamas with the magic of Disney to create one of my all time favorite locations.

My go-to Disney ride

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is my favorite classic ride, mostly for its scenic views it offers of the entire park. My new favorite ride is now Rise of the Resistance. Disney outdid themselves with this immersive and unique attraction.

My Favorite Travel quote

“To all who come to this happy place, welcome. Disneyland is your land. Here, age relives fond memories of the past and here youth may savor the challenge and promise of the future.” – Walt Disney

My biggest adventure

The Disney cruise offers adventure in all forms from sailing the seas to discovering new lands. My biggest adventure was aboard the Disney Dream – we became pirates, explorers, adventurers, chefs, and it of course, it was all done with a little pixie dust at every turn. 

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discover the world with amy!

Amy is a true travel lover with pins dropped all around the world. Whether you’re looking for an adventurous vacation or a relaxing retreat, she’d love to help you plan your next unforgettable voyage.


Zip lining 200 feet above the Costa Rican Rainforest Canopy. Mind you, I’m afraid of heights!


“Travel not to escape life but so life doesn’t escape you.”

– Unknown


Compile all your must-have toiletries into travel-sized containers and place them in your favorite travel organizer.  When you’re ready for your next trip, all you need to do is pull it from storage and you’re ready to go!


It’s hard to pick just one but I’d have to say Venice, Italy. The fact that it’s built on over 100 small islands in a lagoon in the Adriatic Sea and has no roads, only canals is amazing.  Not to mention the vibrant colored architecture and of course the food!

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Say hello to Kelly Jo!

Kelly Jo is in her happy place with her toes in warm sand, sun on her face and clear blue water as far as the eyes can see. There isn’t a Caribbean destination that Kelly Jo hasn’t been to or a beach she hasn’t had her toes in. Looking for cruising, all-inclusive resorts, or adventurous destinations? Kelly Jo is ready to take your call!

My secret travel tip

Ask the locals where they go to the beach, I guarantee it isn’t in the travel brochures. Be open to adventure I have experienced some of the best beaches never seen by most tourists!

My go-to Disney ride

If you are a die-hard Star Wars fan like I am Rise of the Resistance is worth the price of admission all on its own! The first time I know my mouth was hanging open wide the entire ride. Be ready for the goose bumps its nothing you have ever experience before.

My go-to getaway

Cruising the Caribbean. I have been from Belize to Aruba, Grenada to St Maarten, Barbados to Puerto Rico, Haiti to Jamaica, Cozumel to Cancun and every stop in between. As soon as I step on board I am at home and dreaming of the first stop when I get to put my feet in the warm sand at a tropical oasis.

My most impactful trip

Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria in 2017. Contrary to what we were shown on TV it was devastating even after they reopened travel. We spend several days touring around the island seeing the needs of our fellow Americans months after. When returning home I made sure anyone that could help did they still needed us!

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Karyn was our travel agent and she was BEYOND amazing! She helped us set up our dream honeymoon even with Covid making it difficult. She was always there to help and was so sweet! Even in Mexico she was still helping us. I highly suggest this because even having a ride from the Cancun airport to the resort and not having to wait or find a taxi was all worth it.


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